TSL Sports Talk Recap: Fantasy Football With Corey Parson

Congrats to all who have made it to the playoffs with me! </brag> Many fantasy owners have been put on an emotional rollercoaster this past season, only to find that their ride stopped after 13 weeks. They probably weren’t listening to Sirius XM’s Fantasy Football Exec, Corey Parson, dishing out weekly advice on TSL Sports Talk. Check out the highlights below.   

On tweaking your line up this week:

You definitely dance with the girl you brought there, but you want to lose the dead weight. There’s a lot of dead weight on lineups right now, players that more or less do not need to be on your roster because if you have to play them, you’re in bad shape. All bye’s are done, so if you’re carrying a backup QB, you may want to drop them to add a little bit more depth. The kind of depth your roster needs. For example, if you’re a DeMarco Murrray owner, this is the time of year where you need to make sure you that you own Joe Randle and Lance Dunbar. If you’re a Marshawn Lynch owner, get your hands on Turbin and Chistine Michael.


On which player position can make a big impact at this point in the season:

 At this time of year, as we get closer towards the end of the season and the weather starts to get bad, your best bet is to try to have a RB on teams that are in a position to win football games. I’m talking about RB’s like C.J. Anderson or Justin Forsett, DeMarco, Tre Mason… Players that are going to be getting more and more touches heading down the stretch.

 Listen to the full interview above to hear more tips for the start of the playoffs and more.

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