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While my QB (Russell Wilson) and one of my WR’s (Percy Harvin) turned out a disappointing game last week, my always reliable DeMarco Murray and last minute add-ons, Mohamed Sanu & Ben Tate proved to be my saving grace. In fact, the rest of my team did pretty well last week, which helped me secure another win, bringing my record to 4-2. This week, I’m up against the #2 in my league (we have the same record, but he has more PF) and my fantasy obsession has reached new levels.

With my TE on bye and Moreno and Ridley out for the season, I was frantically scouring the web and exhausting friends for advice on which players to pick up, start, etc. After picking up Malcom Floyd & Brandon LaFell, I was torn between whom to start between the two. Thankfully, TSL Sports Talk host Mark Gray, opened up our fantasy football segment by asking The Fantasy Football Exec Corey Parson, if there was anyone on either offense that is a must play in the Jets vs. Patriots match up.


There are a couple of guys on the Patriots side. If you haven’t already scooped them up, it would be smart to do so, and that’s Brandon LaFell and Brandon Bolden. Looks like Bolden will be the starting RB now, with Ridley out. Of course Vereen will still be in the mix, who is just a corner so far this season. But Bolden was the guy that got touches last year. He runs the ball well, he does not fumble and he can also give you work in the passing game. So owners go after him, especially if you’ve lost Stevan Ridley. Brandon LaFell and Tom Brady have seemed to hook up these past couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, the Patriots’ offense was looking dreadful. The offensive line wasn’t holding up right and now they’re getting healthier. The offensive line is playing better… So you’ve got Brandon LaFell going up against a NY Jets defense, that gives up top 5 fantasy points to the WR position. LaFell and Brady are starting to get that thing rolling. LaFell, Brady and my man, sugar Shane Vereen are all nice plays on the Pats’ side of the football.

By the way, my opponent chose to start Vereen and I wound up starting LaFell. (Curses!) Hopefully, the rest of my lineup will pull me through to another victory this week.

Listen to the full segment above to hear more on who to start in week 7’s match ups and more.


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