TSL Sports Talk Recap: Corey Parson

We are almost at the halfway mark for fantasy football’s regular season matchups and the competition is getting thick. My matchup this week is against the only other female in my league and she has consistently brought her A-game, which has translated to her 4-1 record. As I’m currently trailing by one less win –and projected to win this week by a slim two points- I turned to Siruis XM’s Fantasy Football Exec Corey Parson, to see where I can get more cushion points to confidently secure a win this week. TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, opened up our weekly Fantasy Football segment by asking Parson whether or not popular league starter Demarco Murray should be on the starting lineups of fantasy football teams despite his issues with fumbling the ball.


Demarco Murray is all over the place right now… You see what the Dallas Cowboys have done. They’ve changed their offense and they’re relying on that big offensive line. Instead of letting Romo sit back and wing it 40, 50 times a game, they’re now giving Murray the ball 25-30 times a game, which is excellent for Murray owners. It’s actually been working out pretty well for Dallas Cowboy fans, but really, if you’re a Demarco Murray owner -with his injury history and the workload he’s been getting so far this year- a lot of owners have been asking me on twitter (@TheFantasyExec) if now is a good time to sell high on Demarco Murray because they see a possible injury or reduction in workload coming… Owners are trying to reshuffle their deck. They want to get ahead of a potential Murray injury. Murray only missed two games last season and he is carrying a heavy workload so far this year,  but I ask owners- What do you want to get in return? I wouldn’t trade him for Jamal Charles, I wouldn’t want no part of Lesean McCoy… My advice is to stash guys like Joseph Randle or Lance Dunbar incase something happens to Murray… I don’t think it’s a good time to sell on Demarco Murray.     

Listen to the full interview above to hear Parson’s advice on who to sell now and who to get max value in return and more. 


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