TSL Sports Talk Recap: Corey Parson

As a fantasy football rookie who just lost her first matchup last week, The Fantasy Football Exec, Corey Parson’s advice has never been more crucial! Many fantasy league owners are scrambling to find adequate replacements for players who are a part of the six NFL teams entering their bye week. Of my starting line up, three players (including my beloved Demaryius Thomas) are affected. TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, opened up this week’s Fantasy Football segment by asking Parson the main question that both inexperienced and experienced owners alike are scouring the ends of the earth –or in my case, Google– in search of the answer:  Who should we start this week and who should we make sure to bench?


This is tough week, of course, because we’ve got six teams on bye. So teams are going to have to dig a little bit deeper on their benches to get guys in there…. There are people who place wagers on NFL games and… in a game like Chicago vs. Green Bay where point total is fifty, that means you can start to play your marginal players because it should be a high scoring game. Third wide receivers like Davante Adams from the Greenbay Packers, he becomes relevant with guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, so on and so forth… You also look at players like Golden Tate, who also becomes a relevant fantasy option this week because he’s in a situation where he should be scoring a lot of points in the game.


Listen to the full segment above to help you finalize your starting line up for your week four match up.  


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