TSL Sports Talk Recap: Corey Parson

Last week on TSL Sports Talk, Sirius XM’s Fantasy Football Exec, Corey Parson, joined us for our weekly fantasy football segment. TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, started the discussion by asking Parson how the wave of recent player injuries throughout the NFL will affect the week’s games.



Not only the quality of stars, but how many players got injured- big name players too. So any time a fantasy analyst spends his whole week talking to doctors, it’s going to be pretty tough picking the line up for the next week. But the good news is, you’re going to be able to find some pretty good pick-ups this week to replace those injured stars. There’s some pretty decent guys that can line up to keep your fantasy teams rolling.


Listen to the full segment above to find out who the Fantasy Exec recommends to pick up and more on fantasy football.

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