TSL Sports Talk Recap: Corey Parson

Another dreaded bye week affects fantasy league owners as we enter into week 11. Not to mention, a new string of injured players that may stretch many fantasy league owners' starting line even thinner. Siruis XM's Fantasy Football Exec, Corey Parson, joined us on TSL Sports Talk this week with our weekly fantasy football update. Check out what he had to say.


On how well Drew Stanton can be expected to do in place of injured Cardinals' QB, Carson Palmer:

He's not somebody that will put up great fantasy numbers for you, but he can still keep you aboard if you have strong enough players- from your wide receivers to your running backs. Right now, after everybody went to go grab Mark Sanchez, there's not too much to look for on the waiver wire. If you do have to roll Stanton out, then maybe you can go out and pick up Ryan Mallet and see what he does. He has a big arm out there, good targets.


On which player has been a huge disappointment: 

Of course the big story around the Arizona Cardinals is the huge, huge, huge, huge disappointment that Michael Floyd has been this season. Michael Floyd is like a bad word around fantasy owners right now. I can imagine what his twitter feed looks like. Fantasy owners, I urge you, please don't tweet negative comments to these players, but I mean, at this point in the game, Michael Floyd flat out sucks!   

Listen to the full segment above to hear more on what to look out for on the waiver wire and how to make the best of your line up in week 11. 

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