TSL Sports Talk Recap: Corey Parson

The dreaded bye week. Nine teams are on bye as we enter week 9 of fantasy football. With playoffs just around the corner and a couple of more bye weeks in between, Siruis XM’s Fantasy Football Exec, Corey Parson, joined us on TSL Sports Talk this week to help us adjust our rosters. Amongst the helpful tips Parson shared with our listeners, TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, talked to Parson about one player in particular- Marshawn Lynch. Lynch was reportedly unhappy about his former teammate Percy Harvin, getting traded to the Jets and rumors have been swirling about Lynch’s desire to get traded as well. Gray asked Parson how Lynch’s alleged dissatisfaction with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll could affect his fantasy productivity for the rest of the year.


This was a player that was “off” coming into the season, mainly because everything around him in the off-season was negative. He has a toxic vibe around him and you could kind of tell things were starting to break down in Seattle. He came out and started and had a few good games right off the bat, but now we’ve seen three games where Marshawn Lynch has really struggled running the football. We haven’t seen as much of Turbin and Christine Michael as we thought we would, but it seems like the ball carrying duties have gone to Russell Wilson.. We’d like to see Beast Mode get it going. You’re in a situation where you have to start him week in and week out, but I don’t expect big production from him for the rest of the way. As a matter of fact, if you could trade him to somebody who needs a RB, if you have the proper depth, I would go ahead and try to move Marshawn Lynch.

Listen to the full interview about to hear which players Parson recommends picking up and more week 9 tips.                


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