TSL Sports Talk Recap: Christy Winters Scott 

“This week on TSL Sports Talk, Maryland Basketball Hall of Famer and Basketball Analyst for ESPN, FSN, The Big Ten Network, CSN, and Raycom Sports, Christy Winters Scott, joined us to talk about the Womens Final Four. Check out the highlights below.

On the coaching talent that has been on display in Tampa at the Womens Basketball Championships:

“I just think with Dawn Staley, shes just been terrific with what shes been able to do with her team. Just to see her make the Final Four as a player three times and win gold medals as an Olympian and then to carry her team there, its just an awesome feat for her and Im just a cheerleader for her. Shes just so inspiring because of that and what shes been able to do during her time there at South Carolina.”   

Listen to the full interview about to hear more on the Womens Final Four.

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