TSL Sports Talk Recap: Cheryl Miller 

Last week on TSL Sports TalkBasketball HOFer & Langston University Women's Coach, Cheryl Miller, joined us to talk about her career as a basketball player and as a college basketball coach. TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, opened up the conversation by asking Miller how her experiences in the Olympics, WNBA and college basketball – which have given her the ability to see the game through a different prism – have affected how she interprets what she's seen in the past and apply it to the present. 

Miller on how she pieces her experiences together to help enhance the growth of her players and team: 

"I hold myelf to a certain standard and my players undertand that, that's the standard I set for them and my coaching staff as well. The one thing I can't stand is someone who is preachy, number one, and number two, someone who likes to hear their own voice. I speak when spoken to and otherwise, I sit, watch and wait. The one thing I really, truly have to get across to these young women is – and I hate the word NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics)– just because you're there, what does that mean? I have heard people say… I'm at a college, I'm getting an education, I'm getting a degree and as far as basketball is concerned, I'm going to explore and put myself in the best position to make it to the next level– whether it be WNBA, whether it be playing overseas."


Listen to the full interview below to hear what she thinks is the worst case scenario for her players, the stigmas attached to being a part of the NAIA, her brand and more. 


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