TSL Sports Talk Recap: Cat Zingano

Yesterday, on TSL Sports Talk, MMA fighter and Colorado native, Cat Zingano, sat down with TSLs Rhett Butler, ahead of her matchup against Ronda Rousey at UFC 184 this weekend. Check out the highlights below.

On her career in combat sports:

I started wrestling when I was 12 Ive always been extremely athletic and one of the wrestling coaches at the middle school threw it out there and said that he thought Id be good at it and invited me to the wrestling room. So, I went to a practice and I really had some raw instincts. He just let me go at it and I did good. So I just continued to go and soon heard about the opportunities that come with it. I just really wanted to learn everything there was about it. I was fascinated from the day I walked in there and saw a bunch of things that I wanted to learn and there was no plateauing to this sport. I was constantly learning and constantly having to improve and that was the perfect challenge for me.    


On what we can expect from her matchup this weekend:

This is an incredible opportunity and whatever happens, Im happy that I made it this far. I really look forward to setting an example and influence and help people chase their dreams and goals regardless of whats gone on in their lives.  

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on Zinganos transition from wrestling to MMA and more.

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