TSL Sports Talk Recap: Andre Ward 

Super Middleweight World Champion and new addition to the Roc Nation Sports family, Andre Ward, joined us last week on TSL Sports Talk to talk about his comeback to boxing. Check out a few highlights below.

On his rehab progress since his shoulder injury last year:

Physically, I’m fine. I’ve been fine for a while. I had my last fight, last November and I had an injury and surgery before that fight. Since that fight, I’ve been great. It’s been well publicized that I had former legal issues with my former promoter and that’s been the holdup. It hasn’t been any injuries or anything like that. I’ve actually been training and very consistent in the gym and very consistent towards my craft for the past year and half, even thought I’ve gone through this legal battle. The legal battle is now over and I can mention I have a promoter and a new deal with Roc Nation Sports and I’m excited about it.

On his new relationship with Roc Nation Sports and if they better represent the “new school” boxer like himself:

They’re [Roc Nation] certainly up to speed in terms of the marketing aspect of things. In terms of digital media, whether its social media, websites, they get that… There’s a department in Roc Nation Sports for each category and there’s no overlapping, where this person is too busy to get back to you about this. The philanthropy aspect of things is really exciting to me because I never wanted to be just an individual, but also a champion that just takes from the people. Come buy tickets to my fight, come buy PPV.. One of the things I was most excited about in Roc Nation Sports is their philanthropy department and the giving back aspect of what I do because if it’s all about making money and winning championships and just my legacy, I feel like I’m failing as an athlete and a public figure.

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on Ward’s new relationship with Roc Nation Sports and more. 

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