TSL Sports Talk- NBA Finals Game 1 Edition    

TSL Sports Talk is back after a month long hiatus and we go right in on the NBA Finals.

Mark and Scoop both see the Warriors in six games, going along with our own Ricardo Hazell. But are people overlooking the greatness of LeBron, who has proven that he can carry the Cavaliers on his back while making everyone step up? It would seem so. Scoop brings up the questions plaguing the Cavs- a weak Eastern Conference, the injury to John Wall costing the Wizards an opportunity to beat Atlanta, facing the Bulls without Gasol, etc. So are people sleeping on the Cavs? Are they too high on the Warriors? Listen to Mark and Scoop break it all down before Game 1 tonight.

And don’t miss Mark going all in on FIFA and more!

TSL Sports Talk is back!

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