TSL Sports Talk 5/12/16- Chuck D and Spencer Haywood

This show is all about legends.

We speak with Hip-Hop legend Chuck D and Hardwood legend Spencer Haywood about the new documentary on the NBA Hall of Famer, “Full Court.” 

According to the press release:

Full Court is the poignant and gritty story of former Seattle Supersonic Spencer Haywoods rise from cotton picker to NBA Hall of Fame.

Narrated by Public Enemys Chuck D, the documentary traverses Haywoods life from his humble beginnings in Mississippi raised by a single mother to his induction into the NBA Hall of Fame (Haywood played for Seattle Supersonics, LA Lakers, NY Knicks, New Orleans Jazz and Washington Bullets). Basketball provided him a way out and in foregoing college to play hoops, he irrevocably changed the rules of how the game was played from the very top echelons of the NBA. As a 20-year old former Olympian, Haywood sue the NBA for the right to turn pro without finishing college. The case went to the Supreme Court and in 1971, the Courts decided in favor of Haywood. Subsequently, the decision abolished the NBAs mandatory draft eligibility requirement of four years of college. The ruling paved the way for todays NBAs superstars like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kevin Garnett to bypass college and play in NBA teams right out of high school. The Early Entry ruling had major financial consequences for the NBA, the sponsors and the athletes alike and more so personally for Haywood who encountered major professional and personal challenges along the way.

So “Here it is. Bam! In your face goddamn!” Now grab a pen and take notes because these two legends are dropping knowledge.

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