TSL Sports Talk 12/8/16- Aunjanue Ellis

Most recognize Aunjanue Ellis from her recent, powerful roles in movies such as “Birth of a Nation” and the television hit series “Quantico.” But Ellis is a veteran of both TV and the silver screen, appearing on shows such as Justice, The Practice and many others. She’s also appeared in urban movie classics such as “Undercover Brother” and “In Too Deep”. But she’s more than an on-screen talent, as evidenced by her recent movement to ban the Confederate Flag from being used by the NFL.

Yes, that flag.

Shocking right? Turns out the NFL still flies the symbol of hatred, racism and slavery during games, specifically during the Super Bowl (check out this clip at the 1:39 mark for proof) and Aunjanue has decided to take a stand. Her feelings have been expressed through published features, live events and now through The Shadow League. We speak with Ellis about the flag, what it means to someone from the state of Mississippi and about the socially conscious movement occurring right now in sports, particularly in the NFL. 

Listen in as she and Mark drop knowledge, and don’t forget to take notes and spread the word.

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