TSL Special Roundtable Chat on “Concussion”

The controversial new film has caused quite a stir from top to bottom in the game of American football.  Although the films brain trust, Will Smith and director Peter Landesman et al, has denied that this film was trying to vilify pro football, there is no doubt that the implications have given us all cause to pause.

To be certain, the implications of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalitis) are being hotly debated in the digital sphere and beyond, a dialectic that is long overdue.

To that end, I recently hosted a special roundtable discussion that included Ohio University Professor of Sports Journalism and Yahoo! Sports journalist Justice Hill, cousin and former patient of Dr. Omalu NFL free agent DE Amobi Okoye, The Shadow Leagues own resident O.G. Ali Danois.  

We examined the moral ramifications of CTE, discuss Dr. Omalus belief that children should not be able to play football, the CTE settlement and much more.

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