Top 5 Home Run Derby Get Downs

Miami — This seasons MLB 2017 Homer Run Derby is being hyped and billed as possibly the greatest one ever with gentle giant Aaron Judge and hometown hero Giancarlo Stanton, who caught wreck in the 2016 Homer Derby. Distance will be the theme of this years contest tonight at Marlins Park. 

In the past, it was about how many homers were hit. This season, everyone expects to see the longest homers ever hit. 

There have been some great individual performances in Home Run Derby history and here is The Shadow Leagues Top 5 Derby performances ever. 

Josh Hamilton Goes From Tragic Bust To Fulfilling His Promise (2008)

Hamilton hits one 502 feet in the first round

Home Run Derby: Josh Hamilton hits one 502 feet to right-center in the first round Check out for more! About Former Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig announced on January 19, 2000, that the 30 Major League Club owners voted unanimously to centralize all of Baseball’s Internet operations into an independent technology company.

It was a moment of salvation for Josh Hamilton, who not only banged a record 28 homers but he did it at the legendary Yankees Stadium. It marked the official arrival of a five-tool phenom who fell victim to drug and alcohol abuse that derailed his MLB rise, then fought his demons and refused to become a tragedy. Hamiltons performance in the Homer Derby has not been duplicated to this day. At one point, he hit 13 bombs in a row. Thats not a typo.

Young Griffey Jr. Continues To Write His Hall of Fame Story (1993)

Ken Griffey Jr. Hits The Warehouse at Camden Yards, 1993 Home Run Derby! Ken Griffey Jr. of the Seattle Mariners hits the Camden Yards Warehouse at the 1993 All Star Game Home Run Derby, but Juan Gonzalez of the Texas Rangers hits the farthest shot and wins the competition against an impressive field! A short clip of a young Prince Fielder, too, watching his dad compete!

Griffey Jr. didnt even win this Derby. But with the current infatuation with home run distance, velocity and trajectory, it should be noted that he became the first player to hit the B&O Warehouse across the street from Camden Yards. His infectious smile and signature hat-to-the- back is an image embedded in the minds of baseball fans of that generation. Griffey is one of the legends that have made the Home Run Derby the must-see event of All-star Weekend 

The Toddfather Brings It Home to Cincinnati (2015)

Todd Frazier Wins the Home Run Derby (Final Round)

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Reds third baseman Toddfather Frazier put on a show for the first year of the current bracket-style format, as he defeated Joc Pederson in dramatic fashion. In the final, Frazier tied Pederson on his final swing before bonus time, and then he put the competition to bed on his very next swing. The electricity in the Stadium and the classic, animated announcing of legendary Chris Berman made this an unforgettable Derby. 

Clash of The Titans (1996)

1996 Homerun Derby Finals Barry Bonds vs McGwire

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If we are talking legendary matchups, then Stanton and Judge will have to take a back seat to the 1996 clash between two immortal sluggers in Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire. The two long-ball kings faced off in the finals and Big Mac hit two homers, which forced Barry Bonds to hit three consecutive blasts for the win. The cherry on top was Bonds ill ass bat flip. 

Slammin’ Sammy Sosa Steals The Show (2002)

2002 Home Run Derby

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We have to give one of the greatest home run hitters of all-time his props. MLB may have chosen Sosa to be a scapegoat for the many players who juiced, but a campaign to erase Sosas accomplishments from the record books doesn’t stop his legendary 2002 Home Run Derby performance. Sosa was at his peak, mashing balls over the scoreboard and totally our of Miller Park. He would have fit in just fine with these current mashers as Sosa was skywalking baseballs 500 feet way and had an average homer distance of 470. He didnt win the Derby, but he stole the show. 

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