TSL Q&A: Denard Robinson Is A Hardcore Gamer

Former University of Michigan QB, Denard Robinson, has been one of the most exciting players in recent memory. Not only did he don the Maize and Blue in 2009 as a true freshman, Robinson smashed the Wolverine record books, accumulating nine of the top 10 total yardage games in school history.

Those college days are in the rear view and Robinson is now prepping to further his career in the NFL. The dual threat will most likely be drafted as a running back or wide receiver and that's cool with him. Robinson is a humble kid and a team player. His team first attitude is evidenced in his campaign video to get on the cover of EA Sports NCAA Football 14 game, where he makes little mention of himself or his accomplishments. Instead he opts to big up his school.

We had the opportunity to chat with Robinson before he shot the cover for the upcoming game. Check out what he had to say about switching positions, the NFL Draft and his future in the league.


TSL: We know you are an avid gamer because we saw you win the Madden Bowl in New Orleans in February, so how do you feel about being selected for the cover of NCAA Football 14?

DR: I've been a gamer since I was like 5-years-old. I was one of the guys that used to create themselves on the games and used to say I'm gonna be on the front cover one day. Now, to actually have the honor of being on the cover is a blessing. It was fun being a part of it. I want people to go out and buy the game when it comes out because I think it’s the best one yet.


TSL: I've met you in the past and you seem like a pretty humble guy, were you surprised that you were voted on to the cover?

DR: A little bit yeah. When I first heard about it, I was like 'wow, I have the opportunity to be on the game.' I was excited about it because I wasn't even thinking about it until it presented itself.


TSL: The game doesn't come out until the summer, but have you had a chance to play it yet?

DR: I played it a little bit, and I see that the way they have players planting their foot and cutting is a great for people that run the ball a lot. That's one of the things I like about the game. How they made improvements on the zone read and the option game is nice.


TSL: We know you are heavy into sports games. What other video game genres or games are you into?

DR: Call of Duty and Need for Speed right now. I'm all into video games. I love playing them.


TSL: Switching gears from virtual football, you've been one of the most talked about college football players of the last few years. You had a great 2010 and 2011 at Michigan and a few struggles in 2012, when you look back on your career there, how do you view it?

DR: I have no regrets about it. I think I had a lot of success. A lot of people can't say they won the Sugar Bowl, a lot of people can't say they went from winning five games to going to a bowl game and going to BCS bowl game, then another bowl game. I was one of the guys that helped lead the team and I think I had a great career and I want to continue to have a great career.


TSL: Now that you've completed the NFL combine and your pro day, what are some of the things you are doing physically and mentally to get prepared for the draft?

DR: Just putting my time in and dedicating myself to playing wide receiver and multiple positions.


TSL: At the combine you were listed as a receiver and at your pro day you did a lot of special teams and running back drills. Is your goal to show teams everything you are capable of?

DR: Yeah, I want to show teams that I can play multiple positions.


TSL: What prompted you to enter the draft as a WR and not a QB?

DR: Toward the end of the season I had this nerve damage thing and it prevented me from playing quarterback. I wanted to continue to play, but I couldn't play quarterback at all because I couldn't grip the ball. I told coach I wanted to get on the field and he said we have multiple positions we can put you in. I'm just continuing to do it now.


TSL: Which one of those multiple positions do you think you will be able to have the best and quickest impact in the NFL?

DR: Wherever the team drafts me at (laughs). Whatever they want me to do I will continue to work at it.


TSL: A lot of big name players don't have that team first mentality. What is it about your upbringing that makes you have that attitude?

DR: I grew up in a big family where you had to make sacrifices. I love to see people happy and I love to be part of a team. That’s one of the things that helped me to always want to be on the field to put forth effort and help everyone around me.


TSL: 29 teams came to your pro day. Do you have any idea yet where you might be drafted?

DR: No I do not have [any] idea (laughs). That is one of those kinds of things where it just happens when it comes down to draft day. You never know what team wants you, what round they want you and how they want you.


TSL: You're a Florida guy and you went to school in the Midwest. Do you have a preference on where you would like to go?

DR: Not really. Anybody that drafts me that is where I want to be.


TSL: You've played in big bowl games and played a lot of games in front of 110,000 people so that will be nothing new. What do you think will be the biggest difference for you going into the NFL?

DR: It's a job. You don't have any more classes. You can just focus on playing football. I think everybody is going to be the best. You won't have a Sunday where you're playing an average team or player. You will have the best coming at you every Sunday.


TSL: Before we go, Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. are looking good. Have you been keeping up with the Wolverines in the NCAA tournament?

DR: Of course man! We got the juice this year. I think we have a team that could have a lot of success in March Madness. I'm ready for them to keep going in the tournament and I wish them all the success this year. 

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