TSL Presents: On The Throne With King Mo, Ep.18 Featuring Andre Berto

You’re back on The Throne and this week we’re going to be hitting you with combos as we have exclusive interviews with five of the boxers featured in this weekend’s upcoming bouts, and what better way to set it off than speaking with the man who who is looking to take Floyd’s crown before he heads off into retirement, Andre Berto.

Sporting a record of 30-3 with 23 KOs, Berto is a two-time welterweight champion, the interim WBA World Welterweight Champion and the man looking to give Mayweather the first “L” of his incredible career. But Berto has fighting in his blood, coming from a family of fighters; his sister competes in martial arts and his brother competes in MMA and kickboxing. So why did Berto chose boxing? “I was a little chubby. I couldn’t kick. I couldn’t roll around.” So his father took him to a gym where he found boxing and the rest is history.

This Saturday, September 12th, Andre Berto has the opportunity to take a huge step in the next phase of his pro career, so listen in and see why he’s ready to take on Mayweather and wrap another belt around his waist.

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