TSL Leadership Series: Carmelita Jeter

The TSL Leadership Series focuses on men and women of color who are blazing a trail through the world of sports. Athletes, coaches, executives and media personalities are some of those who are leading the charge and driving success both on and off the field of play.

At 36 years old, track and field icon Carmelita Jeter still holds the distinction of being recognized as the fastest woman in the world. She’s still battling Father Time, ripping up the track with younger girls and chasing gold medals. 

Carmelitas star was never brighter than at the London Games in 2012 where she won a gold by anchoring the US Olympic 4x100m record-smashing relay team. She also joined the legendary Flo Jo as the only athletes to ever medal in both the 100m and 200m race at an Olympic Games (at the time), taking home a Silver in the 100m and a Bronze in the 200m.

Jeter holds three of the top 10 fastest 100m times ever run in competition, and shes always a threat to win an IAAF World Championship. She didnt qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, but she is still running competitively, still continuing to bounce back like a rubber band from from injury and still breaking down doors in track and field as well as improving the lives of people around the globe through her work in support of Breast Cancer Research.

After her aunt Brenda Washington passed from cancer in 2012, it inspired Carmelita to make it her mission to help find a cure for cancer. She partnered with Nike to design hot pink spikes that she wears during each race in support of Breast Cancer research.

In 2014, Carmelita was named the official Ambassador for Susan G. Komens California Circle of Promise Initiative designed to promote breast cancer awareness among African American women.

Entering 2017 with nothing left to prove on a track field, Jeter’s blazing competitive fire keeps her running and hustling for the good of mankind.

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