TSL EXCLUSIVE: Mikey Garcia In Talks To Fight UFC’s Max Holloway

Mikey Garcia (37-0, 30 KOs) is one of the world’s best boxers and he is flirting with a new challenge. The three-weight class world champion told TSL exclusively that he has been talking to UFC featherweight champion, Max Holloway about a possible boxing match-up in the near future. 

WATCH- Mikey Garcia Talks Fighting UFC’s Max Holloway (TSL EXCLUSIVE)

Mikey Garcia vs Max Holloway Exclusive

In an interview at Garcia’s Inland Empire home on Tuesday in Southern California, Garcia revealed that talks have been a year long and were beginning to heat up.   

“We’re actually right now in very close discussions, the people with Max Holloway,” Garcia said. “We’ve been talking for about a year now – a little less than a year. But he’s with the UFC and he’s involved obviously and just performed his fight so he has his own career that he has to worry about first. But we flirted with the idea of maybe getting in the ring and if we do come to an agreement and it makes sense timing wise where it’s not going to affect my boxing career and it’s not going to affect his MMA career then we might be able to do it.”

Garcia revealed this potential blockbuster matchup after discussing his recent sparring sessions with former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo at his brother’s gym in Riverside, California. Could it be that Aldo was an exploratory mission into the techniques of potentially fighting an unconventional boxer in MMA champion, Max Holloway

((Heated Sparring!!!)) UFC Star Jose Aldo vs Mikey Garcia Both Letting Hands Go! Session

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Garcia seems serious, revealing that he will be meeting with UFC President Dana White next week to advance the conversation.   

“So that’s something that we are still talking about,” said Garcia. “Actually, I was on the phone yesterday, last night about it as well with his handler and a friend of mine and we’re going to go next week (and) meet up with Dana White, have a little discussion.”

Garcia has a fight coming up against IBF light welterweight champion Sergey Lipinets on March 10th at the Alamodome in San Antonio. The title fight has broad implications for Garcia as he is chasing another world title in a fourth weight class. Garcia’s last outing was a dominant unanimous decision performance or former world champion Adrien Broner at the Barclays Center last July. Prior to that, Garcia executed a devastating third-round knockout over Dejan Zlaticanin to win the WBC lightweight title in spectacular fashion.

“Maybe we can actually do something,” said Garcia. “If we can work something together then I’m all up for it. It’s something that the fans might enjoy. Like I said, I’m a boxer, he’s an MMA fighter, but if the fans want to watch something like that and enjoy another fight like the Mayweather-McGregor, then we can definitely give them another night.”          

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