TSL Comic Book Convo Presents: Miz Caramel Vixen’s Black Comics Month Panel

They say a revolution can be started with the tiniest of sparks, but that is something of a romanticized misnomer in our opinion. In reality, it is the culmination of numerous sparks being set off simultaneously. When it comes to the ongoing battle for increased diversity among creators and within the pages of comic books, the full blown war on homogeny has been stop and go for the greater part of a decade. However, there have been an increasing number of sparks that one would hope will grow into a towering inferno for change in comic books.  MizCaramelVixens Black Comics Month Diversity Panel is one such spark.

She realized that 28 days werent nearly enough time to study the entire spectrum of comic book characters of African descent, nor media exposure for Black writers, illustrators and publishers as well.  Since that epiphany MizCaramelVixen has taken her message to the masses at Special Edition NYC and New York Comic Con, as well as on numerous podcasts and interviews. She has been a friend of The Shadow League from the very moment we brought comic books under our coverage umbrella.

Not unlike an alternate universe Spider-Man clone, each incarnation of the Black Comics Month panel becomes a little different, a little bigger and a little better. MizCaramelVixen moderated the event in her signature style while audience members and the gathered press corps clung to every word uttered as the diverse blend of minority creators for both the big publishers and indie publishers talked about their collective experiences, how they got where they are and upcoming works as well.

Writer David F. Walker (DC Comics Cyborg, upcoming Power Man and Iron Fist from Marvel), writer Mikki Kendal (Dynamite Comics Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury & Lady Rawhide), artist and writer Jeremy Whitley (Princeless), journalist and comic book aficionado Mildred Louis, writer Steve Orlando (Batman and Robin Eternal), Shawn R. Pryor of Action Lab, the versatile and talented Afua Richardson (Captain Marvel Genius), actor Chad L. Coleman (The Walking Dead), writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire) and writer Christine Dinh kept it as real as a crisp new $100 bill.

Created by Twitter personality MizCaramelVixen during Black History Month, the hashtag #BlackComicsMonth symbolizes comic book diversity and recognizes those who are fulfilling that need as well. 

We hope you enjoyed the latest of our ongoing TSL Comic Book Convo coverage of Black creators and characters in comic books. Stay tuned for our video interview with Chuck Collins of Bounce coming to you live next week. See you then!

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