TSL Comic Book Convo Presents: Jorrell Rivera, Co-Creator of Go Robo! Go!    

The Shadow League is back and in full effect with the latest edition of TSL Comic Book Convo, our weekly podcast bringing you some of the best, brightest and most innovative minds in comic book creativity. This time around we bring you Jorrell Rivera. He and partner Raheem Nuamah merged their considerable talents to bring the digital comic book Go Robo Go: Battle of the Gods to fruition. 

The story centers around cowardly protagonist Roy C. Raven as he tries to deal with the repercussions that come with a long dormant ability to transform into a giant robot with otherworldly powers. Everything seems Kool and the Gang until some equally powered miscreants show up to beat his face in. 

We had lots of fun getting down to the nitty-gritty regarding the artist’s influences, both creatively and thematically. This is a must hear for all comic book heads. Check it out! Plus be sure to log on to Comixology to get a good look at what we’re talking about or check out their tumblr at, you guessed it, GoRoboComics.Tumblr.com.

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