TSL Comic Book Convo Podcast Presents: Grey Williamson

TSL Comic Book Convo Podcast is back in full effect for the sixth time since its inception, and were very happy to have had the pleasure of talking to burgeoning giants, incredible illustrators and cutting-edge publishers on the come up. As has been our mandate with all of our comic book content from the very beginning, we have done our very best to promote, celebrate and appreciate comic book material that features, is created by, or is otherwise of importance to people of African descent. Todays podcast features a conversation between myself and illustrator-turned-independent publisher Grey Williamson of Carbon-Fibre Media. 

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For the uninitiated, Williamson has inspired a generation of illustrators with his realistic facial expressions, almost anatomically perfect renderings and his abilities as a renowned sculptor as well. I first heard Williamson speak as part of a comic book diversity panel at the Urban Action Showcase in Manhattan last year. While there he spoke boldly, and unapologetically, about his experience in the comic book industry, his opinion of certain extremely popular characters and the manifestation of white supremacy in the comic book industry.  

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Grey Williamson and speak to him regarding all of the above, plus much more. Check out this in depth and high-educational TSL Comic Book Convo Podcast with Grey Williamson.  You just have to hear what he had to say about Batman! For more on Carbon-Fibre Media log on to www.carbon-fibre.me

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