TSL Comic Book Convo Podcast- Episode 2

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They say conversation makes the world go round, and The Shadow League jumps into that continuum once again with the TSL Comic Book Convo Presents podcast. Last time we went in on the nuances of Blacks folks in comic books.

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Today we bring you our homage to the positives and shortcomings of the comic book genre from a female perspective in recognition of Womens History Month. We brought in comic book publisher and the all-around cool Kimberly Gaines and got a revisit from VixenVarsity.com proprietor Vixen to discuss everything from over-sexualized comic book characters, the dangers of sexy cosplay, Catwomans newfound bisexuality, the manner in which fictional female characters can inspire a reader and much, much more.

Though we keep it light for the most part, we also take it past the superficial and into the nitty-gritty of what it is to be a Black woman who loves comic books. Check it out. You can follow Kim Gaines on Twitter @KimKGaines and Vixen at @VixenVarsity.

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