TSL Comic Book Convo: “Legend of the Mantamaji” Creator Eric Dean Seaton

It seems like these days comic books are all the rage, but it wasnt very long ago that this medium was frowned upon by the general population and was relegated as being the fodder of nerds and geeks. But the thing about nerds and geeks is that theyre very in tune with their creative sides and it is not uncommon to find that many of our favorite creators are lifelong fans of comic books and graphic novels.

Recently, The Shadow League sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with director Eric Dean Seaton. You might recognize his work on shows such as NBCs Undatable, Disneys Austin and Ally and Thats So Raven, as well as Nickelodeons The Thundermans and The Haunted Hathaways. But this day was not to wax nostalgic over his past works, but over a project that was years in the making, The “Legend of The Mantamaji” graphic novel series.

WATCH- Eric Dean Seaton Part 1

Eric Dean Seaton Pt. 1

Created by Seaton, the first issue of The “Legend of the Mantamaji” series was released in October and features lettering from Eisner Award nominee Deron Bennett (Jim Hensons Dark Crystal and Helldorado). The graphic novel series tells the harrowing story of New York Assistant District Attorney Elijah Alexander who learns that he is the last of an ancient order of mystical knights called the Mantamaji.

However, a seemingly insurmountable evil from mankinds distant past arises and threatens to enslave us all unless Alexander chooses to grasp his birthright with two hands and push the forces of darkness back from whence they came. This rich new illustrated canon not only features a hero of African descent, but also an entire civilization with ties to the motherland. In this edition of the TSL Comic Book Convo, Eric Dean Seaton gives viewers an exclusive look into this brave new world.

So watch and enter the world of the Mantamaji with your hosts, Eric Dean Season and The Shadow League.

WATCH- Eric Dean Seaton Part II

Eric Dean Seaton Pt. 2

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