TSL Comic Book Convo: Have You Seen the Age of Ultron Trailer?

The world of cinematic offerings based on comic books has been on full tilt lately with several revelations regarding casting, plotline and release dates for some of our most favorite comic book characters from the DC and Marvel Universes.  Fans recall seeing actor Evan Peters appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past as the Quicksilver, son of Magneto and sister of Scarlet Witch. Newsrama is reporting that Peters will appear in X-Men: Apocalypse, which is due out in 2016, and might even be blessed with his own solo film as well. While The Shadow League is all in for X-Men: Apocalypse, we’re cramming to understand why a relatively B-level character in the Marvel universe would be getting his own film. Also, Quicksilver is slated to appear in the upcoming Avengers sequel as well, is he not?

Speaking of said film, on Wednesday, an unofficial trailer for the upcoming Marvel Studios film Avengers: Age of Ultron was leaked all over the worldwide web, and was being removed almost as quickly as it was posted in many instances. However, the new day finds the official trailer proliferating the Internet in all of its HD glory. In the trailer, we get a first glimpse at the cinematic Ultron as well as a fractured group of Avengers who appear to be at one another’s throats. It had to be the most adrenaline-inducing 2-minutes that any of us here have ever experienced. May 2015 cannot get here fast enough.


For years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the superior of their peers over at DC. While such Marvel mainstays as the Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Spiderman enjoyed several big screen offerings, DC’s Cinematic Universe was limited to film versions of Superman and Batman being the primary bread winners. However, the recently released official list of the upcoming films based on DC characters getting their own films is supposedly going to give Marvel and Disney Studios a run for their money. 

As was reported at The Shadow League in the past, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice drops on March 2016 and Suicide Squad, a group of superpowered convicts who form black-ops team for commuted sentences, is aiming for a August 2016 release date.  Though no information has been released on which characters will appear in the film, former Squad members include; Harley Quinn, Black Manta, Deathstroke, Deadshot and Col. Rick Flag, among many others.

That offering will be followed by the Wonder Woman film in 2017, the Justice League film in November of the same year, The Flash film will drop in March 2018, followed by Aquaman (July 2018), Shazam (2019), Justice League 2 (June 2019), Cyborg (April 2020), and a Green Lantern reboot (June 2020). Though some of the DC films will be intertwined, others are not connected at all; such as Shazam.

 In addition to DC’s rumored ascension in the movie realm, they’ve also been putting it down on the small screen for this year as well with The Flash (CW), Green Arrow (CW) and Gotham (Fox), but some believe that NBC’s “Constantine” might trump them all.  Matt Ryan will star in the role as John Constantine, a master of the dark arts who wields arcane magic. “Constantine” is slated to premiere on October 24.



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