TSL Comic Book Convo: Ariel Johnson of Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse

The plight of the Black Nerd has gone virtually unnoticed for a long time.

The plight of the Black Nerd has gone virtually unnoticed for a long time. Even today, there is an infinitely small number of comic book retailers geared toward fostering a environment where women, Blacks and Latinos can come to be gleefully geeked out by the atmosphere and products made available to them.

Even fewer outlets provide a space where customers could sit down and sip on a cup of coffee or tea while eagerly turning the pages of that new graphic novel they just copped, away from the prying eyes of a judgmental public, and the candy-stained fingers of little brothers and sisters who would just as soon scribble in the pages than read it.

But that was before the coming of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse in Philadelphia. No shaming, no chauvinists lurking around, and no shortage of like-minded individuals with which to chop it up with.

Check it out, y’all. I was very happy to chop it up with Ariel Johnson, owner and operator this new bastion of blerdness. 

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(Photo Credit: temple.edu)

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