Trinidad Jameis Winston Torches Maryland

Before the Florida State Seminoles made a joke out of the "test" the Maryland Terrapins were supposed to be for Jameis Winston, we found out that the freshman quarterback taking the nation by storm also has a gold chain guy. It wasn't soon after that he unleashed his golden arm, shredding the No. 25 Terrapins faster than Trinidad Jame$ shed his rap career with Tim Westwood. 

Winston has more in common with Trinidad than just the gold chains. The young QB has critics nipping at his heels, saying that he might not be as good as his numbers indicate. Winston hasn't faced much in the way of competition, and won't face a defense that will truly test him until the 'Noles face the Florida Gators at the end of the season.

The difference between the two is that Winston keeps making hits*. There is no questioning his incredible arm, nor his ability to find receivers all over the field. There's not much he can do about the fact that many of them are wide open, but he hits his target on the numbers more often than not anyway. He finished his work against Maryland early in the third quarter, completing 23/32 passes for 393 yards and five touchdowns before his backup took over. 

The Heisman candidate has Johnny Manziel-like elusiveness, aided by his 230-pound frame that helps shed defenders with ease. FSU faces Clemson next, after a bye-week. That'll be his chance to get his All Gold Everything on in the national spotlight. Don't believe me? Just watch.


*So does FSU's defense.