Tottenham’s Danny Rose Is Tired Of Racism In Football

Rose says he’s had enough.

According to Mirror Sports, football star, Danny Rose says is looking forward to giving up football due to the lack of protection of its black players from racism.

The Tottenham and England defender is just the latest high-profile player to express these feelings.

Rose told Mirror Sports, “I’ve had enough. At the minute, the way that I programme myself I just think, I’ve got five or six more years left in football and I just can’t wait to see the back of it.” Adding that “seeing how things are done in the game at the minute, it’s just, ‘Whatever!’, isn’t it? I just want to get out of it.”

The Premier League are in talks with the FA and the Football League to come up with a plan to combat racism in the English game. However, the conversation doesn’t include the docking of points, leaving players, and those who doubt the problem can even be fixed.

Rose along with Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling and Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi, all endured monkey chanting from a section of Montenegro fans during a European Championship qualifier last week.

Juventus striker Moise Kean endured the same, only to be told by his own captain and manager that he was partly to blame.

Proving that the racism issue will have to be fixed both externally and internally.

Kick It Out Spokesman, Troy Townsend speaks on the call to action for stronger sanctions for racism in football.

The football community has a tough road ahead of them.

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