Top Five QBs: No.5, Eli Manning

There’s not a whole lot Eli Manning can’t do on a football field.  He can make short tosses, intermediate zips and long bombs with the best of them. He has all the requisite shoulder shifts and pump fakes designed to confuse DBS, and he knows when to extend a play and when to throw the ball away. He has great accuracy, good feet and has still never missed a game in his career.

However, none of those aforementioned things explain why he’s one of the best QBs in the league. Those are all strong attributes of course, but there’s something else that Manning relies on that elevates him into the upper echelon.

His power is based on his ability to stay calm, and your man Elisha is as steady as it goes.

He’s like the hand that holds the nail for a hammer, except the hammer never misses. His facial expressions and demeanor generally stay the same, regardless of if the Giants are doing well or struggling. He has the perfect temperament for playing in NYC, a place that pulsates with so much emotion, that if your mind isn’t strong enough, you’ll get wrapped up into the whims of a sports-crazed populace.

You never see Eli dropping expletives after a big loss or pointing fingers during a mid-weed media session. Conversely, you never him talking smack before a big game or boasting after a major rivalry beatdown. He’s steady, calm and slightly plain during most times. The most you’ll get is a fist-pump after a big TD or something, but that’s about it.  The Giants missed the playoffs last year and Eli had a down year by his standards (26 TDs, 15 picks for 3,948 yards and a 59.9% completion percentage), and there’s no question he wants to compete in the postseason again. Most guys on his level feel that they have carte blanche when it comes to voicing their opinions on everything, including other teammates. Yet, we’ve never heard him question WR Hakeem Nicks’ desire (Nicks has battled injuries all off-season) or speak about the contract situation of Victor Cruz.

All of this is why it’s laughable that people still question whether Manning is elite or not.  As if, there’s many dudes playing who can even carry his helmet. His numbers are up there with anyone, it’s just that he’s not out here swag-barking, so from to time people forget how great he is. He has intangibles by the boatload and is a proven winner. As long as he’s steering the G-Men ship, they’ll always be in the hunt. Also, Eli gets points for stuff like this.