Top 5 QBs: No. 2, Tom Brady

The NFL, due to rule changes benefiting offensive players, has been widely referred to as a quarterback driven league. Inconsistent play at the QB position in today’s NFL will lead to the downfall of even the most talented teams. Just ask Cowboy fans.  However, Tom Brady has been the model of consistency and efficiency at quarterback since taking over for Drew Bledsoe in 2001. Brady dismisses doubters year in and year out with his steady production, as he has proved throughout his career that he can dominate with just about anyone alongside him on offense.

The 2013-14 New England Patriots enter this season without Brady’s top five favorite targets from last season, in an offense which set a record for the most first downs (444) and finished third all-time in points (557). All of this was needed for the Patriots to finish (12-4) as they ranked 30th in total yards given up on defense. Many critics have still chosen to focus on offense, with the biggest question mark coming out of training camp being the Pats offensive ceiling and a receiving core led by injury prone Danny Amendola.  Seems ridiculous to shrug shoulder the defense, while stressing out about the offense. Have we forgotten so quickly who we’re dealing with here, people? Paired with Bill Belichick, no other QB in the league gets more out of the talent of his receivers than Brady. Brady turns sour patch kids to annual Pro-Bowlers.  Thus far in the pre-season Amendola has looked like a bigger, stronger, and faster version of Wes Welker.  And that’s scary.

Brady, simply put, is a winner. Whether he is throwing to Troy Brown, David Patten or Rob Gronkowski he will find you. Brady hasn’t had the luxury of playing with many superstar receivers, as some other QB’s have during their careers. But when he has had talent, the production has been otherworldly. With Randy Moss and Wes Welker in 2007, he put up the greatest statistical season of any quarterback in NFL history. In the last couple of years he’s sped up the evolution of the TE position and consistently puts number up against the stingiest defenses. Though the ‘13-‘14 season will prove to be Brady’s biggest test in recent years, it’s nothing new for number 12. Why doubt him now? There is absolutely no reason to think the Pats won’t put up numbers.