Todd Gurley Will Be Reinstated Nov. 15, Just In Time For 3rd Ranked Auburn

Georgia Bulldogs running back Todd Gurley has almost completed his four game suspension for receiving $3,000 for signing autographs. Gurley, who has been allowed to practice, but not play, must give back to the community by donating a portion of the money he received to charity. Gurley will also need to complete 40 hours of community service.
Apparently Gurley’s honesty with the NCAA is what landed him an early return–just in time for a rivalry game with playoff implications.
UGA has filed for an appeal in an attempt to reduce the suspension, but that appears unlikely. The NCAA cannot extend Gurley’s punishment, but if he were to serve out his full suspension he would miss very winnable games against Florida and Kentucky. In the two games Gurley did miss, Georgia won 34-0 over Missouri and 45-32 over Arkansas.
If they get to Nov. 15 with an unblemished resume, UGA can look at this cup as half full and thank the NCAA for keeping the best running back in college football fresh.