Tim Tebow Blesses Wichita State With His Presence

By happen stance, the Wichita State squad that took down No. 1 overall Gonzaga on Saturday night arrived home at Mid-Continent Airport around the same time Tim Tebow was refueling his jet. The college football legend-turned-underdog as an NFL quarterback asked if he could speak to the team and give them some encouraging words. To be clear, that's an NFL quarterback who couldn't take Mark Sanchez's job, pep talking a group that just took down the nation's No. 1-ranked in the NCAA tournament, a team who's confidence level and swag had to be on a million.

Look, he may not be all that skilled at QB, but he seems like a genuinely considerate dude and we all know he's got the motivational speaker thing down pat. I'm just not sure how effective a potential speech would be to his own Gators if they were to make it to the Elite Eight, Final Four or even the championship game.




We don't know this for sure, but it's probably true…



It was a complete coincidence that Tebow and the Wichita State team would be at the same place at the same time. But for Tebow, maybe it was practice for his future in motivational speaking. This particular audience is actually fitting, since Tebow's taken on the role of the underdog. The guys from Florida don't know anything about that right now.

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