This Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day: Sportscaster Drops 41 Seinfeld References In Broadcast

    There hasn't been a sports telecast this impressive since the heyday of SportsCenter. Adam Lefkoe squeezed in 41 references to Seinfeld in his broadcast discussing Rick Pitino. It's not his first shot at mixing up his broadcast, either. In his blog, Lefkoe explains further.

    The local sportscast is dying. The emergence of all-sports channels and catered fan websites has rendered this medium mundane. No opinions, not enough time to delve into details and a complete lack of resources.

    Want highlights? There’s a website that probably has them.

    Want analysis? There’s dozens of articles ready to read…and you’re allowed longer than a few minutes to digest the content. So, other than expecting people to turn on their TV at a designated time because they always have…how does the local sportscast attract an audience? Engage them.

    Crowd-sourcing is a wonderfully humbling process that can create a great bond with an audience…or potentially create one. Simply throw out a question on social media and farm the results. If no one responds, welp, just do your normal sportscast. If they reach out, embrace them. The return is a wonderful exchange of ideas.