This Day In Sports: Jackie Robinson Hits For The Cycle

With the way things are going in our country, we cant help but to reminisce on Jackie Robinson and how his entrance into baseball in 1947, amid controversy, resistance and a nasty culture of racism, helped to spark the civil rights movement. His actions as a social and human rights activist from his retirement until death, should be recounted as often as possible as  modern day heroes such as Colin Kaepernick are under attack from oppressive powers that want his truth to be swept under the rug. 

Despite having to deal with hatred in the stands and even within his own team, Robinson excelled and his accomplishments are noteworthy — every one of them — considering the nasty climate he had to endure.

Today in 1948, the Brooklyn Dodgers legend hits for the “reverse natural cycle” with a HR, triple, double and single. 

Baseball by BSmile on Twitter

Today In 1948: Brooklyn #Dodgers star Jackie Robinson hits for the “reverse natural cycle” with a HR, triple, double & single! #MLB

It was the kind of performance that Robinson would become known for. The kind of performance that opened the floodgates for minority players of all cultures to enter MLB . And he did it with a class, dignity and discipline only displayed by icons. 

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