These Funeral Pallbearers Are The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

    Funerals in the black community are often a somber affair and a celebration of life. That said, I don't think I've ever seen pallbearers steal the show like this before. The first thing you'll notice are the matching dove-colored, all-white suits. A black suit is the customary attire for these type of affairs, but when these cats came strolling in slow motion towards the casket dressed like they just left a Boyz II Men video shoot, you knew it was about to get poppin'.

    However, when they started doing casket tricks with no hands, the church exploded in applause and involuntary cheers. The deceased could have awoken and it wouldn't have generated the same level of exuberance.

    Props to these brothas. You ever hear about the presssure on brides not to trip while walking down the aisle? The weight of that stress is literally increased ten fold when you've got a deceased body on your shouders on his or her's way to their final resting place. That takes nerves of steel. My only question is whether they were familiar with the deceased or if this is the And1 Mixtape Tour of pallbearing. If they're not on the funeral circuit, there should. If there isn't a funeral circuit, well, there should be.

    Peep the video, it's the best thing you'll see all week.