The RZA Releases New Track For Mandela

    The RZA recently released the second in as many tribute songs dedicated to fallen celebrities. The first song was titled "Destiny Bends" and was dedicated to the late actor Paul Walker. The second song is one dedicated to an individual whose iconic status is something more than a product of pop culture.  RZA aka Robert Diggs recently released the song "Gift of Hope", which he says dedicated to the late Nelson Mandela.  The fallen South African president was 95 years old.

    "Continuing on good vibes and inspirations, here is a song we did this weekend in the studio entitled "A Gift of  Hope"," said RZA in a statement. "Inspired by the great Nelson Mandel and the cast of #Gang Related…"
     I hope he truly is being inspired by these individuals. It would truly such if he was using death to promote new work. I'm not saying he is, but stranger things have happened.

    Give the track a listen and tell us what you think.