The Race For MLB’s Stolen Base King Is On Like Popcorn

Home Runs are in abundance this MLB season, but the stolen base — a lost art during the PED Era — is being kept alive by a few solid speedsters who can wreck a game with their wheels while executing the magnificence of the steal. 

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Billy the Slid Hamilton doesnt have many equals when it comes to swiping bags. In an age where sabermetrics heads frown upon what they perceive as a high-risk, low-reward play, guys like Hamilton, Dee Gordon and Washington Nationals young burner Trea Turner are making a mark for themselves by going against the grain and proving that the stolen base is not only exciting and still relevant, but effective. 

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Theres the game within the game between the few stolen base monsters in the MLB. 

Hamilton has swiped over 55 bases every season since his rookie year in 2012. The Shadow League was touting Hamiltons praises when he was still in the minor leagues and swiped a record 155 bases.

Hamilton often says that when he goes against another bag snatcher it raises his game.He reigns supreme as a base stealer, but there are some guys nipping at his statistical heels and they went at it on Monday night. 

SPEED KILLS with Billy Hamilton

MLB stolen base leader Billy Hamilton

Turner entered last nights game against Gordon’s Marlins with 26 steals, one ahead of Dee. Turners been on a tear, batting .307 with 15 swipes in his last 22 games. In his last four games entering Monday, Gordon was batting .500 with four swipes. 

By the time the night ended, Hamilton was still the overall MLB leader with 29 swipes, but Gordon would finish the night ahead of Turner by swiping two bags, lifting his season total to 27, and going 2-for-4 as the Marlins walked off with an 8-7 victory. 

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