The Only 3 Questions That Matter In 2020 NBA Bubble Playoffs 

The 2020 NBA Playoffs inside the Disney Bubble is kicking off as we speak. Narratives are flying around, certain players, like Damian Lillard, have elevated their public profiles and everybody wants to see a young superstar like Luka, do his thing.

We could think of 1000 questions about the playoffs, but really only these 3 matter.

  1. Can Anthony Davis provide consistent support and carry the load on offense ( We need 30 and 11) every night so that LeBron can continue to be a facilitator (Bron leads the league in assists)? The Lakers don’t have many consistent scorers and Bron is clearly a No.2 option, although capable of having big nights. To preserve Bron’s aging body throughout the playoff run, AD has to go MJ. 


2. Can Kawhi Leonard and Paul George both stay healthy and finally capture the perfect championship chemistry they have been pursuing prior to the COVID-19 shutdown and prior? Consistency is the key.

We know Kawhi comes up in the clutch. He has two Finals MVP trophies with two different squads and is trying to become the first to ever get three. This is PG-13’s moment to get some R-rated dog in em’ and elevate to elite championship stature. 

3. Which Milwaukee Bucks player will elevate his game to another level for the entire playoffs to provide Giannis Antetokounmpo with a legitimate assassin to complement his dominance? Who is going to be that 25-30 per night wingman who can take over when Greek Freak needs some R&R. Bucks have no shot without that guy emerging. 

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