The NFL #EffYoCheck Update: 49ers Chris Borland Calls It Quits

The #EffYoCheck movement continues.

Just a week after three players age 30 or under chose to quit the NFL rather than earn the millions they would have otherwise, another name has been added to that list.

Chris Borland, only 24, says he told the San Francisco 49ers last Friday that he planned to retire after having only played his rookie season, according to ESPN. Although he’d never suffered an injury in his short career and was one of the NFL’s best rookie linebackers last year, Borland said he feared the risk of catastrophic head injuries in football was too great to justify even the fortune he could’ve made.

Boomer and Carton weighed in on the issue:

This the clearest example yet of what we at The Shadow League have dubbed the #EffYoCheck movement, the trend of young, productive NFL players deciding that football is too dangerous to justify risking their bodies in pursuit of a fortune.

Could these recent decisions become a scary trend for the NFL? That question won’t be answered any time soon, but better believe that we’ll be watching.

#EffYoCheck. We’re on it.