The NFL and the Confederate Flag Roundtable Discussion

The NFL flies the Confederate flag during the Super Bowl, which comes as a shock to many. Well actress and activist, Aunjanue Eliis, isn’t having it anymore and is doing something about it.

The Mississippi native has started a movement targeting the NFL and their usage of the Confederate flag, one which we discussed with her in length last year.

Its not a symbol, its a call to action and thats what separates it from other symbols, particularly in the case of Dylan Roof, says Ellis. In Iowa the white man that was waving the flag at a football game went and killed two police officers.

Just like in her acting career, Ellis is not afraid of the challenge, obstacles and hate that she faces by taking on the almighty NFL.

If the NFL is brave enough to do something, then maybe the government will follow suit. If corporations started having an opinion about this and forcing these organizations to not engage in this bold racism and bigotry, because thats what it is corporate sponsored racism and bigotry then it would stop.

We sat down with Aunjanue and senior reporter for Foxtrot Alpha, Terrell Jermaine Starr, at McMahon’s in Park Slope, Brooklyn to discuss this issue as well as other issues facing us in these trying times.

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