The NBA’s Euro Stepping Over The NFL’s Penalizing Protest Policy

We’ve seen and read all about the drama the NFL has faced over the last two years when it comes to issues of social injustice, race and the true meaning behind kneeling. Then proceeded to dig the hole for themselves even bigger on Wednesday when they voted to institute new rules regarding player actions during the national anthem, giving in to the false narrative conjured up by ignorance in regards to taking a knee. This decision also came on the same day that the video of Sterling Brown being tased was released, and the statement by the Bucks was published.

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The Bucks have issued their official statement on the tasing of Sterling Brown

So while the NFL blew it, and will be subjected to a protest on Friday morning in front of their offices on Park Avenue organized by the Reverend Al Sharpton and the National Action Network, the NBA, which is located about half a mile away, has proven that they get it when it comes to issues of race and social injustice.

Not only did the Bucks speak on the issue of police brutality against communities of color, but the NBA Commissioner himself stepped up to add his insight on the matter, going the opposite direction taken by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Speaking at the Sports Business Awards Wednesday night, Commissioner Silver stated:

Theres never been a time when sports has been more impactful on society than it is today. And whether its issues affecting race and gender, health, mental wellness or technology and media, what we all do in this room matters day in and day out. And finally, I encourage all of you not to stick to sports. Do not stick to sports. Embrace it, celebrate it, and lets all use it to build bridges and bring people together.

“I encourage all of you not to stick to sports.” 

So don’t just shut up and dribble.  Don’t give in to ignorance. Celebrate the right to do things differently. Embrace it and build greatness. That’s the mark of a leader and a man who gets it.

Under Silver’s watch, others in the NBA community have adopted the same message. From Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich and Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Randive to former Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy and Warriors Coach Steve Kerr, these leaders understand what’s at stake and aren’t hesitant to drop knowledge on it, proving that the NBA is about so much more than just dribbling.

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At the game last night, Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Randiv eloquently and calmfully addressed the fans and the community after protestors at the arena expressed their outrage about the death of unarmed #StephonClark.

The Shadow League on Twitter

Steve Kerr went hard at the NFL’s recent change in the National Anthem policy. “I just think it’s typical of the NFL…Basically trying to use the anthem as fake patriotism, nationalism, scaring people. It’s idiotic.”

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