The Legion Of Boom Has Imploded

With time and pressure, even a mountain of granite will eventually crumble to the seafloor.  So too does the veneer of the once mighty Seattle Seahawks crumble under the weight of time and pressure.  The once legendary Legion of Boom defense is entombed in mediocrity with two games left in the season.  After a 42-7 dismantling at the hands of the upstart Los Angeles Rams, the glaring holes in the Seahawks defense need to be plugged up, and fast!

The Legion of Boom is a shell of its former self, with Richard Sherman being the most prominent of the list of injured notables. 

Nazir Jones, Michael Bennett, Bobby Wagner and Kam Chancellor will be out versus the Dallas Cowboys next week.   The fact that Wagner tried to play through an injured hamstring perturbed teammate and fellow Pro Bowler Earl Thomas to the nth degree.

Seahawks Start Imploding As Stars Turn On Each Other After Embarrassing Loss

That slow ticking you may be hearing is the implosion of the Seahawks, and the end of an era of dominance. After an embarrassing 42-7 home loss to the Los Angeles Rams, the team sunk to Hawk-on-Hawk crime, with one Pro Bowler calling out another. The once-stellar defense has been decimated by injuries, most notably…

Gregg Bell on Twitter

Bobby Wagner’s initial response, soon deleted, to Earl Thomas’ opinion Wagner should not have played with his injured hamstring for #Seahawks in today’s blowout loss to Rams

At 8-6, the Seattle Seahawks are comin up the rough side of the mountain like an old negro spiritual. Russell Wilson has had yet another subpar game, though he can hardly be faulted for trying to make plays when his defense is giving up so many points.  

As a Super Bowl winning, Pro Bowl quarterback, hes earned the right to have a couple of bad games.  At one point this season, even after the loss of so many key figures, I could still imagine a scenario in which the Seahawks could make a long run in the playoffs.

Now, after being outscored 72-31 on the ground in consecutive losses, and after giving up a monster game to Todd Gurley III, the skeletal fragments of the once proud Seahawks franchise will go flapping into Dallas carrying a candle-flame of a playoff chance into a gale force wind of attrition provided by an inspired and energized Cowboys team.

Ezekiel Elliot has served his suspension and will be available for the Cowboys. Indeed, the hurricane winds licking at their playoff hopes were just upgraded to a category five.  Defeating the Arizona Cardinals in their last game in the regular season is a foregone conclusion in my opinion but a  9-7 record isn’t going to get it done this year. They have to beat Dallas. 

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