The Jets Have No Sense, No Hustle

There's a famous chant/song that rings around stadiums in England, when a soccer manager makes a head-scratching substition or a referee misses an obvious foul, that really cuts to the core of the New York Jets: "You don't know what you're doing!

It pains me to recap the Jets' 2012 season – in which they earned the offical title of Customers of the Year, from me anyway – so I won't, but the start of 2013 hasn't been much better. 

First, it came out that Tim Tebow was forced upon owner Woody Johnson. All evidence points to Tebow being forced upon coach Rex Ryan, who clearly didn't want Tebow on the team, as he refused to play him at quarterback and allowed the rest of the team to bury him behind his back — which might be giving Ryan too much credit for his ability to control a locker room. I suppose, then, it must have been Mike Tannenbaum's idea, the same guy who came across as Ryan's yes-man in Hard Knocks a few years back, so long as it fits under the cap. We'll just chalk this one up to miscommunication, aka the entire Mark Sanchez era. 

Then came the GM search – which finally ended today, a feeling akin to putting a caught fish out of its misery – a job which Jay Glazer claimed couldn't be given away after candidate upon candidate "didn't fit." Who would? You've got a loudmouth coach who likely has a year left, a roster and coaching staff that went from AFC Championships to AFC Chumps in two seasons, an average quarterback, a rabid fan base – albeit one without it's long-time leader – only 10 starters under contract and no cap space.

Now, the Jets are attempting to make some moves. In an attempt to get clear cap space, they are now considering trading Darrelle Revis. Well, sort of. As soon as that rumor hit the mill, they quickly backtracked and said they'd assess all options, which would be fine if they realized, "Oh, maybe we shouldn't trade the best defensive back in the NFL for ten cents on the dollar," but, no, that's not what this is about. The Jets are trying to maintain some sense of leverage in a potential deal, you know, so they don't appear too desperate. 

That'll be more difficult than accomplishing a Rex Ryan guarantee.

The Jets also claim they are exploring their options with Sanchez, too. What options? The only choice, at this point, is to go into hiding for two seasons and hope for Johnny Football. Or his girl. The place hasn't been the same since Jenn Sterger left.


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