The Hostility Between K.G. And The Heat Is Already In Midseason Form

In case you needed to be reminded why Brooklyn and Miami are going to be so much fun to watch this season, LeBron and Kevin Garnett added more fuel to the fire after a preseason matchup on Wednesday. After the game, James who probably empathizes with the derision and vitriol spewed in Allen's direction when he left Miami suggested that the Celtics owe their former teammate an apology.

When he heard, the tiny alien head in K.G.'s probably popped out and spewed corrosive acid all over his locker. Unlike James, K.G. does not understand earthly emotions such as regret and empathy. In stoic fashion and with eyes probably popping out of his skulls, K.G. told James to…

Via ESPN New York:

"Tell LeBron to worry about Miami. It has nothing to do with Celtic business," Garnett said in response to James, who previously expressed thoughts that KG and Nets small forward Paul Pierce should apologize for criticizing Heat sharpshooter Ray Allen for leaving the Boston Celtics before they departed for Brooklyn.

Garnett and Pierce were traded to the Nets along with reserve Jason Terry during the summer.

"I left Boston?" Pierce said when asked of James' comments, clearly noting he had been dealt by the Celtics and didn't leave as a free agent.

This issue is a draw. For one, the Celtics were shopping Ray Allen to multiple teams on QVC and his future would have been uncertain if he remained in Boston. The difference is that the Celtics didn't ask for Allen's input on where he wanted to go. The fact that he left for Miami is irrelevant. He chased another title just as Pierce and K.G. are doing in Boston. The jerseys may be different, but there's no love lost between K.G., Pierce and the Heat. Their animosity is already in midseason form.