Atlantic Records Is Selling Tickets To A Certified Train Wreck

The Internets were set ablaze this weekend as reports that the Cash Me Outside girl, Danielle Bregoli, inked a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records. To say that music consumers are annoyed would be the understatement of the century. 

But there are a few bigger issues here at play. And nothing about any of this is nice. 

First of all, for those who arent aware of who this teenager is and why anyone is showing her the slightest bit of attention, let us catch you up. 

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Danielle was taken to Dr. Phils show by her mother a year or so ago because she was an out of control kid. She was skipping school, being promiscuous, stealing cars and running head first into problems with the law. Her mother was at her wits end and sought help from Dr. Phil before Danielle ended up dead or in jail. 

As with most of the teens that get dragged onto the Dr. Phil stage, she had a big mouth on her that made people cringe. But it was her threat to the audience, to catch her outside if they had a problem with her, that set the internets to work with memes and video parodies.

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As a result of her behavior, people initially began making fun of her online. This somehow transitioned into her being cast in videos for a plethora of rappers. Upon getting that attention, she suddenly began releasing music. And none of it was any good.

The notoriety brought her back to the Dr. Phil show in which she showed off further. As she became more and more known, her behavior deteriorated back to the days of old and she found herself in court for allegedly stealing cars once again.

This child came on to our screens because she was spiraling out of control. Rewarding that behavior with fame helps her how exactly? 

There is only one thing more addictive than the harshest of narcotics. And thats fame. It would seem that someone who actually cares about this girl would have thought of that prior to this deal even happening. 

That said, Atlantic Records just showed what matters most to them with this deal. And heres a hint, it isnt quality music. 

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So, while this little girl, on her fourteenth minute of fame gets signed there is a genuine artist who has done everything correct that has been deprived of a spot within the Atlantic Roster because they are apparently chasing after social media likes. 

What part of the game is this? 

They reportedly gave this girl millions and multiple albums for what purpose? 

They just signed a young lady who is still under the age of sixteen and was just sentenced to five years of probation for stealing cars a few months ago. Do they really believe that if they give her money and access that it will lead to all positive things? Or are they just selling tickets to the train wreck? 

It seems a lot more viable that they are just trying to cash in on this girls eventual crash and burn. With an internet full of talented artists who are working every angle, releasing quality music, attending music conferences and trying to be an actual working citizen within the music community, it is virtually impossible to believe that there isnt an ulterior motive here. 

The music industry is hemorrhaging money and these gimmicks and antics are the reason why. Instead of signing quality artists that could provide music to last for decades, they keep taking the cheap, cheesy path to popcorn stardom. 

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This is the last straw. These stunts are ensuring that dope artists stay independent. And we wont even get started on the culture vulture angle in play here. 

Not to mention the industry is tough enough on adults who have it all together. Imagine what types of vermin will attempt to prey on this child simply because she has already demonstrated that she has a specific set of issues. 

The music business has not only lost its heart, it has clearly lost its mind. And if anything happens to this girl while shes out here, it will be the fault of every adult who knew better and let it happen anyway. 

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