The Best Of NBA FAN CLUB On Clubhouse This Week


Hot Takes Of The Week On NBA Fan Club On Clubhouse!


  1. “Kyrie Irving will be the reason the Nets don’t win a championship because he’s too emotional.” 


  1. “Lakers are a better team than the Nets. Saturday proved that” 


  1. “Durant gets a bad rap for playing on super teams but Lebron’s teams are always stacked.”


  1. “The Miami Heat will beat the Brooklyn Nets if Oladipo is Healthy” 


  1. “Fans Say Durant made the comment about championships aren’t as important as development as a cop-out if he loses to Lebron.”


If some of these takes infuriate you or you feel they are spot on, then get with these guys over at NBA Fan Club on Clubhouse and the floor is yours.



This group is based on crowd participation versus listening to someone lecture. It’s one of the elements that makes NBA Fan Club, the largest sports room on Clubhouse. 


The NBA Fan Club is a global meet-up for basketball lovers across the world, breaking down the game for all levels of fans: rookies to Hall of Famers.

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