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Hot Takes Of The Week On NBA Fan Club On Clubhouse!


  1. Philadelphia 76ers have the easiest path to the conference finals but will get upset by Washington or Atlanta. Their pretenders

2. If Milwaukee loses again to Miami they have to blow that team up again and get some new pieces around Giannis Antentekoumpo

Greek Freak has been upset the last two postseasons and honestly doesn’t know if his team has what it takes.


3. Phoenix will take the Los Angeles Lakers to 7 games and potentially upset the World Champions. Why? LeBron is just not 100 percent and Anthony Davis always seems a play away from getting injured.

4. Stephen Curry needs to be the MVP. He’s carried the Warriors on his back and into the playoffs.

5. Some fans were in favor of the play-in tournament and some fans said they could really do without it. The new playoff format received a mixed bag of emotions, but it does keep NBA fans engaged at a time when people are usually just waiting for the playoffs to start.




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