The 2019 NBA Draft Was A Family Affair

Shout out to the NBA for making this Draft about family.

Last night’s NBA Draft was an exciting night for both those in attendance at the Barclays in Brooklyn and those watching on TV across the world.

Aside from the big, single names like Zion, Ja and RJ, the colorful outfits and the numerous wheelings and dealings that weres taking place during the night, there was another big theme that was integrated and promoted throughout the night.


As the future superstars and millionaires walked across the stage and down the steps, they were joined by their mothers, fathers, uncles, sisters, grandparents and other family members who mean so much to these young men.

It was a fitting tribute to the individuals who helped shaped the lives of these young men. A perfect way for the world to see and acknowledge the men and women who sacrificed, struggled, encouraged, coached, protected and supported these young men along the way in their pursuit of the dream of playing in the NBA.

It was an emotional night for these future ballers, but it was also an emotional one for the families who helped them get to that stage where they would hear their name called and have their picture taken with Commissioner Adam Silver.

After years of hearing draftees thanking their mothers and fathers, it was great to see the NBA acknowledge all of the family members of their future stars.

After all, it takes a village to raise a child.

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