Former Rockets’ First Rounder, Terrence Jones, Sets It Off In Philippines League

Jones’ elbows led to a vicious retaliation by his opponent.

Fights in sports are nothing new. But many leagues, particularly the NBA, have taken major steps to prevent the brawls we witnessed in the 80s and 90s.

Yet not every league is the NBA, and that’s apparent based upon what went down in the Philippines.

Playing for the Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters of the Philippines Basketball Association, Former Houston Rockets’ first rounder, Terrence Jones, was upset that he was run over by opponent Calvin Abueva during the game against the Phoenix Fuel Masters. As he was getting up, Jones hit Abueva in the groin and flared another past his chin.

But it didn’t end there.

After Jones was seen dancing during a timeout in the fourth quarter, it seems things were simmering, and when play resumed and Jones went to the corner for a rebound, it all boiled over. Watch the video below and see how it all went down.

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Former NBA player Terrence Jones dealt a low blow to an opponent who later clotheslined him, sparking a brawl in a Philippine Basketball Association game. (via @Sports5PH)

In the aftermath, per the PBA’s website, Abueva was ejected and suspended indefinitely. Jones has been fined, but not suspended

Calvin Abueva of the Phoenix Fuel Masters was indefinitely suspended by PBA Commissioner Willie Marcial and was fined P70,000.00 (P20,000.00 for engaging with a fan in a verbal altercation and for making obscene gestures, and P50,000.00 for a F2 against Terrence Jones). 

Likewise, TNT’s Anthony and David Semerad were fined P20,000 each for their involvement in the scuffle while Jason Castro was fined P1,000 for engaging in a verbal altercation. TNT import Terrence Jones meanwhile was fined P70,000 ( P50,000 for hitting Calvin Abueva in his private area, and P20,000 for physically contacting an official, while TNT Assistant Team Manager Miguel Fernandez was fined P10,000 for approaching the Technical Table.

The referee, Bing Oliva, who missed to call a foul on Terrence Jones was suspended for (10) ten playing game days.

Turns out that Abueva has a reputation of aggression and outrageous behavior, one noted in that statement by the PBA.

Commissioner Marcial said that he had to impose the penalty of indefinite suspension to instill discipline and maintain professionalism in the league. He said that he can no longer allow Abueva to continue with his offensive and obnoxious on-court behavior against the fans and his fellow players, which the fiery player is known for. 

In that game, Jones dropped 40 in the game and his team won, 114-88.

And for those who are wondering about the size of the fine, according to, 70,000 Philippine pesos is equivalent to a little more than $1,350 U.S. Dollars.

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